Threefold Tech Call Challenge

The Threefold Tech Call Challenge

Do you have what it takes to build on the Threefold Grid?

The Thought Experiment… or the Challenge?

Here’s a quick thought experiment by Drew where he proposes a possible development on the Threefold Grid:

Source: TF Weekly Call

It sounded like a challenge or what?
You think you could deploy such a feature on the Threefold Grid?

That would be nice.

We can do this as a team too.
It does sound feasible!

Let’s talk.
Let’s develop.

Drew explains it well in the video. We can build on this idea. Here’s a kind of summary of the basics:

What is being done already

  • config
    • 2xfull vm
      • VM for service
        • ex:
          • 2 VM for database email server
          • each have their own mirror
            • can do backups

What we could do on the Threefold Grid

  • Playground deployment
    • containerize such services (VM for service above)
      • deployable as Micro VM
        • ex:
          • you deploy 2 mail servers on the Grid as micro VM
            • you enter your domain name

Possible Combinations of Projects

This project could one day lead to a collaboration with the Threefold Commercial Services.

Who knows? It’s all about what we can do, and doing it.

Let us know what you think!

Here are some ideas from the tech call that could inspire solutions:

  • Traditional cloud environment
    • API
      • software to reserve more resources
    • autoscaling solution
      • kubernetes cluster
        • fill up workload on clusters
          • can add nodes automatically
  • Threefold Grid
    • all protocols are open source
    • can build those features
      • everyone can jump in and add features
    • autoscaling
    • self-healing
  • CockroachDB
    • distributed database
      • in different geographic regions
      • doesn’t natively come with the ability to reserve or deploy other nodes
        • but it can
          • if a node goes down
            • rebuild shared information on other nodes still up
    • low config tool