Threefold Commercial Grid Services in Questions

We explore here the Threefold Commercial Grid Services project with questions and answers.
This is an ongoing project presented by @weynandkuijpers during the last community call.

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Threefold Commercial Grid Services Q&A

Table of Contents

What is the concept and the goals of the Threefold Commercial Grid Services project?

The goal of the Threefold Commercial Grid services project is to prove that the current state of the Threefold Grid is enough to start a commercial business.

The current TF technology stack is a good set of building blocks to create a service business on. While proving this by doing it we also create content that explains in steps how to use the technical building blocks and put it all together into a full fledged solution.

The benefits and purposes of this project are manyfold:

  • Showcase that the grid stability and functionality is good enough to do this
    • Ex: Zonaris trailblazing this independently
  • Allow anyone to build easily
    • Using created documentation and training material
  • Inspire the existing community
  • Start experimenting with the Grid functionality.
  • Attract non technical users who pay FIAT.
  • Use FIAT to fund and reward Community contribution
    • Documentation updates, weblet improvements, outreach, teaching, etc.

Who can participate to the Threefold Commercial Grid Services?

This is meant for any internet user, from the basic user to the advanced developer.
The services foreseen have non development and IT professionals use cases.

  • Standard use cases
    • Project management
    • Content management systems
    • Social networks
    • Video conferencing
    • More
  • Developer use cases
    • Full VM’s
    • Micro VM’s
    • Kubernetes
    • Caprover
    • More

What is the method of payment of the Threefold Commercial Grid Services?

Onboarding is meant through FIAT. It is comparable to any other online service provider experience.

How can I contribute to the Threefold Commercial Grid Services? What is the onboarding process to join the Threefold Commercial Grid Services?