ThreeFold Product Updates - September 2022 (TFGrid v3.8.0 Plan)

Hi ThreeFold Community!

My name is Sasha from ThreeFold’s Product Management , and I would like to give an update on current ThreeFold Product Management planning. As we successfully released TFGrid v3.7.0, the development team is currently working on completing TFGrid v3.8.0 with new upgrades, fixes, and improvements that I will elaborate further on this article.

Please be aware that this is a product planning, not a release note. Feel free to go to TFGrid v3.7.0 Release Note (Sep 2022) on TFGrid Manual to see the list of currently live products and improvements.

The products below are still in development and are not yet released. Changes in product planning and priorities can happen within September 2022, thus the upcoming release may differ somewhat from the content of this update.

TFGrid v3.8.0 Sprint Overview

Freeflow Twin (Uhuru) v1.6

  • Freeflow’s chat (Whisper): new ‘message request’, ‘username @mention’ in group chats
  • On Flow (social media): like or delete a comment.
  • Full migration to ThreeFold Grid
  • Improved responsiveness and layouts for desktop and mobile
  • Various bug fixes and small features.
  • Improve open-source documentation.

ThreeFold Wallet v3.3

  • Improve performance for Farmers’ Wallet Tab
  • Enable marking wallets as ‘public’
  • Enable sending funds by ThreeFold Connect username instead of wallet address
  • Improve dynamic balance
  • Various bug fixes
  • Improve open-source documentation

TFGrid Dashboard v1.1.5

  • Add pricing calculator
  • Node management: enable public bridge configuration
  • Improved user journey for site navigation
  • More field validations

TFChain v2.2.0

  • List of certifier twins
  • Allow creation of nodes only by one of the certifier twins
  • Allow moving the ownership of a node object by a certifier twin
  • Allow setting node certification by council
  • Farm public IP’s: new ability to add ranges
  • TFDAO: Measure vote weights for the close operation based on the number of farmers that have voted
  • Set the billing frequency at runtime
  • Set unknown resource increase to make node no longer uncertifiable

TF Certifier server v1.0.0

  • Create a twin when the server is started
  • Run RMB to send requests to a node

TF Playground v1.4.5

  • TFHub Validator weblet Improved deployment: Added validation variables (Mnemonics, stake amount, ETH Address, private key) onto deployment dialogue.
  • Subsquid weblet deployment: improved Input Validation; corrected validation fields.
  • Nodepilot deployment: improved node filtering option
  • Kubernetes Management: added confirmation screen before worker deletion
  • Arrange deployment into categories (custom, social, search engine, blockchain, video, pm, webserver, storage, dApps, misc)
  • Add Algorand weblet deployment

TFGrid3 Client TS

  • Add validation on gateway nodes
  • Node capacity check from the node itself before contract deployment
  • Improve power management
  • Improve capacity planning

ZOS v3.3

  • Include ZOS version in node reports

That is all ThreeFold Product Updates for now! We would love to gather all your feedback and questions if any in the comment section below. As the sprint is progressing, I will come back next week to highlight some specific product improvements and features on the ThreeFold Product Focus series.


ThreeFold Product Management


BRAVO team!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Wow - major progress. Well done R&D and development team.