ThreeFold DMCC (Grid Commercial Offerings) Brainstorms: Notes & Next Steps

It’s been both exciting and inspiring to take part in the past two brainstorms around the plans for ThreeFold DMCC and commercial offerings for the grid. During the second brainstorm last week, we got closer to consensus on how we will move forward. Now, we’ll need to take a look at the notes and create an actionable plan.

You can catch up with the call by watching the recording of the call or reading the notes. (& find the materials from the first brainstorm here.)

We encourage anyone who would still like to contribute their thoughts to add comments to the notes or leave replies here to this forum post. We’ll likely hold one more call to finalize things next week. More to come on the next steps soon.

Thanks for being a part of this initiative! :facepunch: Together we build.



Could we see faces next time?
During presentation, etc.

Thanks for sharing.

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Yes, for sure! No idea why it didn’t show this time actually … This isn’t how it usually appears / it isn’t the view I had on my computer.

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Hi @gosam. Thank you for posting this. I was part off the second meeting and for sure this had a ton of good ideas. My mind locked in on something during the call that would like to investigate further. In order to reach a large® audience and maybe also a nontechnical audience I would like to make nextcloud a focal point to be part of the DMCC service provider project. My reasoning is:

  • open source software
  • ticks all of the boxes with regards to the market leader in digital service delivery (see my research here). We will only reach mass markets and understanding of the TF grid being an alternative if we launch something something everyone knows, and understands. Nextcloud presents such a service suite / portfolio
  • community based service support (with rewards from the utilization tokens spent on the nextcloud service)

So my 2 cents: nextcloud.


Great idea! Nextcloud clearly is a strong use case for the TF Grid.

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I agree with this! We spoke a bit about end user-facing solutions during the first call a bit but it fell off during round two, and I think it’s worth very much worth doing.