Threefold Complete Documentation Project [Closed]

Threefold Complete Documentation Project

Table of Contents

Overview of the Project

The project is done in two main steps:

  1. Build the Threefold Complete Documentation
  2. Create a program and website to select content in the Documentation

We thus present briefly the two main steps.

Build the Documentation

  • Write tutorials for each type of Threefolders
    • The tutorials can be accessed online (website), are printable and can be saved as PDF

Create the Program

  • Create a program deployed online (website) that lets people build their own documentation based on what they want to do
    • Online website, can choose what you want to learn, by clicking on items/actions in a list
    • The program generates a markdown file with all information
    • The documentation is shown on a webpage
    • The user can print it
    • The user can save it as PDF
  • This program can also be used to create documentation for the Threefold Commercial Services project

Build the Threefold Complete Documentation


  • Have all the Threefold documentation for any tasks, categorized and presentable in website (also printable) and ebook formats (PDF)

Main Documentation List

  • FAQ
    • all categories of documentation in a Q&A format
  • Farming Guides
    • DIY 3node Guide
    • Certified 3node Guide
    • Advanced Networking & Data Center
  • User Guide
  • Validator Guide
  • Staker Guide
  • Developer Guide
  • Solution Provider & Sales Channel Guide

Create the Threefold Documentation Builder Program


  • Take the Threefold documentation in totality and write a program that can present the information at will
    • the user chooses actions or items on a list/table
    • The program generates the content in a webpage
    • The content can be printed or saved as a PDF

Technical Aspects

  • Technologies used:
    • Documentation
      • Markdown
    • Builder Program
      • Wordpress or Zola, python, html, css, javascript
  • choose in a huge grid with categories what you want to learn
    • We can have a nice GUI to choose the elements, can be more than just a list or table
  • Examples
    • Categories:
      • farming, user, validator, etc.
    • User Category:
      • Type of workload
        • Deploy website
          • Zola
          • Wordpress
            • with Caprover
            • on a Full VM
          • etc.
    • Farmer Category
      • DIY
      • Certified
      • Data center farm
      • etc.

Current State of the Documentation

A lot of high quality documentation is already available. We need to find what is missing and complement the documentation, as well as update and put in proper format what needs certain attention.

Here are the main documentation available.

  • FAQ
  • Farmers Guides
    • DIY 3node Guide
      • Online on the TF Forum
      • Needs update
      • Needs upload on the Threefold Library
    • Certified 3node Guide
      • See what content the certified builders need to share to their customers
    • Advanced Networking & Data Center
      • Many great tutorials available in the Library and the TF Forum
      • @scott wants to start building this more officially
  • Users Guide
    • Many great tutorials available in the Library and the TF Forum
    • @ParkerS has already built extensive tutorials and documentation
  • Validators Guide
    • Enough information on the Library and TF Forum
      • Needs to be collected and put into one official document
  • Stakers Guide
    • Will be created when delegated staking starts
  • Developers Guide
    • In completion with the solution provider guide
    • Best place to start is Github
  • Solution Providers & Sales Channel Guide
    • Documentation is slowly building up
    • Solution provider available here
    • Needs more official step-by-step content for the Sales channel guide

The Project in Relation with the Threefold Manual

The Threefold Manual has more or less all the information needed for a very independant learner to explore the Threefold ecosystem. This project aims to take all the documentation available, as well as create new documentation, in order to present the information as clearly and efficiently as possible in a narrative-oriented way.

Feedback and Ideas by the Threefold Community

What do you think of all this?
Do you have ideas to propose?

Do you want to contribute?

Let us know.

This is an ongoing project. We will update the information as it comes along.

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