TFT value difference between GETTFT and dashboards [RESOLVED]

Hi All, I’m exploring the usage of the TFGRID and therefor the usage of TFT itself. However, I am confused about the value of TFT. Looking at the dashboards it says that currently 1 TFT = 0,02 USD ( 2 cents right?) or 1 USD = 50 TFT. When I go to GETTFT and I want to buy TFT I need to pay 0.21299888 USD for 1 TFT. That’s a factor 10 more expensive. Can anyone explain to me how this is possible or where I’m mistaken?

Thanks in advance.

When we had the pump a couple months ago the price on gettft did not adjust and people took advantage of it to make money. The price was then set high manually to turn it off.

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Nelson explained it well.

Note that you can buy at market price on Stellar, BSC and Eth:

Thanks for the explanation. So gettft is not be used anymore? If so, why not disable it entirely ?

Good question. We might be able to set it to track market price and adjust accordingly but its not a current priority.

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