Tft farming initial locks

I know that as a way to jumpstart the build out of the grid it is set that you can lock in a rate for 60months. I’m wondering if this no longer makes sense. Currently we will be paid less next month with tft down to half the current lock rates for grid v3. Also on the opposite hand I think if the token price went way up it could mean we receive massive income for our node capacity. Does that really make sense to allow that though? At the initial rates I figured I can get payback on currently acceptable used equipment in about 6 months. Currently it will be more like 1 year. If token price went way up in theory I could get payback in a ridiculous short period. Perhaps farming rewards should have no initial lock in rate and really just be paid based upon the current market rate and in relation to what the competition is offering. To stay relevant the tfgrid needs to outperform the big market players by staying nimble. I don’t know that an initial locked payrate to farmers can allow that. I’m very happy with 6 month paybacks. Having the speculation of an even faster payback is less important than having the relative payout decrease or lose competitiveness with the big market players

There is no lockup at the moment. I doubt it will start under the current conditions. edit: disregard, I misread above comment.

Not the idea of paid tokens being locked up. They mean the “locked in rate” that farming reward is based on. Currently we all are on the same number; $0.08 per tft correct? With the current lower tft market value we would get more farming tft without that system.