TFGrid Website 3.0 Requirements

TFGrid Website Requirements

Purpose: get feedback about requirements for our website, we are preparing an upgrade sept 2021.

Feedback loop about websites & positioning see post: ThreeFold 3.0 Web Positioning FeedbackLoop

Requirements for messaging

  • Support business model of TFTech
    • TFTech is doing investment round of 50m USD
    • TFTech will use part of these proceeds for marketing & support around tokens
    • TFTech is working with large partners, business model of TFGrid needs to be proven
    • TFTech credibility = the working of TFGrid in all parts
  • Simple
    • Understand in 3 minute
      • What do we do
        • Who needs this
        • How does it work (in few words)
        • Why are we better
      • Market situation
        • Who else is there
        • Is a big market
      • Why token is important part of the bigger picture and it’s future
    • Not too new, don’t go complicated, stay recognizable
      • Needs to be easy to understand that we address an existing problem in elegant way
    • All needed to come to interest < few pages/clicks (if any)
  • Clear call to action
    • Find cloud website to play/test tfgrid 3.0
    • Buy tokens in these easy ways
    • Find your way how to become a farmer (through partners)
  • Credibility
    • We can prove we exist and we have it done
    • Do first, talk later


  • New cloud platform with 3 main benefits
    • peer2peer = blockchain enabled, unlimited scale
    • unique tech (compared to other decentralized projects: more complete)
    • carbon removing


  • Centralized cloud
  • Blockchain Infrastructure Projects

None does what is needed.

Why are we valuable

  • Opportunity is huge
    • Problem is real
    • Market is huge
    • Our solution is real
    • We have it today (references, testing)
  • Competitors in decentralized world don’t have a real solution
    • have a huge valuation
    • and only partially what we have

Compare = Competitive

Comparison with other decentralized projects

implementation remarks

For website = TFGrid website

  • Stay as close as we can to what we have today !

  • Target = Farmers / Token Investors (see above)

  • Show usecases

    • Find best way how to show all these usecases so it’s very visible
      • Think current way is good, just expand
    • Cloud
    • QSSS
    • digital.self (as partner !!!)
      • We have website
      • Add:
        • Video of newest version = uhuru
        • Some screenshots
      • Team = Jimber/Uhuru?
      • Need a roadmap page.
    • Kutana
      • Team = Brasil
      • Needs to say powered by Threefold
    • Tag
      • Need 1 page of us on their site.
      • Link to that page
      • Where they explain how we work together
      • Needs to be concrete
    • Artheon
      • Need 1 page of us on their site.
      • Link to that page
      • Where they explain how we work together
      • Needs to be concrete
    • owncloud (if they agree)
      • Link to 1 page which shows how we work together
    • Uhuru
      • Team = Brasil + Mamadou + Ali + …
  • See web todo doc

Further Ideas

Don’t execute now !!!

  • Proof of Utilization Widget
    A widget which shows all partners and when where they will use capacity, there needs in line to
    • Location
    • Time
    • Usecase

Going off of community feedback and questions, I strongly agree with a lot of this, mainly that we need to keep things as simple and as direct as possible:

  • What we are / what we do / what we enable and for WHO
  • How we differentiate from the others out there
  • How we are going to drive utilization / how utilization is inevitable

A lot of people coming to our project get a basic level of understanding but there is a lot of information and they know of other projects and make assumptions that because we are not as known, we are somehow not relevant. So I think by going for less is more and speaking more directly to who we are and how we are unique, we can then get our point across more quickly and pull people in to learn more.

We are maybe staying too generic in some ways (e.g. a new internet? oh, other people do that …) and too detailed in others. Our current target audience is knowledgeable about this space so we need to make sure to convince them quickly.

Just some thoughts.

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