ThreeFold 3.0 Web Positioning FeedbackLoop

ThreeFold 3.0 Web Positioning

Idea of this document is to find consensus around the different websites & its purpose.

It’s not meant to explain the content, it’s about the structure.

These changes should be implemented as part of our web upgrade in sept 2021.

Primary needs for ThreeFold now

  • Show Technology works: doing ok
  • Show partners want to use tech & TFGrid: ok, is going well, many waiting to go life
  • TF Organizations (is more than 1) needs to become more strong: funding needed
  • Business model works: ok if TFT goes up in value
  • Funding: more people need to buy TFT and as such invest in future of TFGrid

Conclusion it all comes down to TFT needs to be bought more,

as pre-purchase of future cloud capacity result -> TFT price will also go back to more normal level

primary targets

  • Token buyers = people who support TFGrid growth and see future of the project
    • First time buyers, they did not do it yet (like digital currencies, but less confident)
    • Existing token holders, they want to diversify their portfolio
    • All of them are looking for more stable transparent token offering
  • Users of TFGrid
    • Point to Cloud website for detailed product information

main websites

ThreeFold Grid

  • Main website for ThreeFold project
  • Peer2peer cloud (is only the intro to what it is, not super technical)
    • Farmers generate capacity
    • Anyone can use capacity (link to cloud website) using TFT
  • Link to explorer
    • Show the capacity
  • Purpose of token
  • Team behind
  • Who is building on top
    • Partners
    • Projects coming
  • Link to all relevant info
    • Lots points back to the wiki (knowledgebase)
  • The why Threefold & doing good

Details for requirements see post: TFGrid Website 3.0 Requirements

ThreeFold Cloud

This is the product website, what can we do with the TFGrid. How does it work.

  • How does our cloud work
  • What can you do with it
  • Why unique
  • Who is using it and will be using it
  • Link to manuals/explorers/…
  • Technology


Website needs to be changed to be aligned with requirements above.

Alliance for Conscious Internet (ACI)

There is a nice community around ThreeFold with the wish to create a better internet together.

This website is to allow the community to expand on their contributions.


  • We do well for the world.
  • Lots of doing good messaging from ThreeFold can come here.
  • Make sure freeflow nation values are here
  • Explain the purpose of circles, how does it work, why, …
  • Circles Overview (new)
    • purpose of circle, who is behind (link to people/projects), link to circle & wiki
  • Projects overview
    • All projects who will be on TFGrid
    • Per project: roadmap
  • People overview
    • All people related to circles and/or projects
    • Video as much as possible (zoom ok)
  • Blogs
    • All to do with better internet & why it is needed
  • Idea is people can edit their own content (now github, later easier tools)
    • Content about project, circles, …
  • Future Ideas
    • add reputation, comments, …

FreeFlow Tribe

Not so relevant for this overview doc.

  • Different type of Accelerator/Incubator who is helping companies to build solutions on top of TFgrid
  • Today mainly done by team in Brazil & UAE
  • See this presentation.
  • People/Projects in here are also in ACI

Some partner or proof of concept websites


  • Stay as close as we can to what we have today !
  • Target = Farmers / Token Investors (see above)
  • This website is not to promote a life product, it’s to promote capability, a future, a demo what can be done.


  • There is a website today
    • This is to demonstrate a usecase
  • TODO: see above create annotations, create gdoc todo doc …
  • ± no changes probably

Wiki split & consolidation

  • Kristof will do a first pass, then fill in this section
  • There will be some good wiki sections & todo’s here as well.

I think it is very important to remember not to overload website(-s) with information.
That’s what wikis (knowledge base) are for.

Website is early entry point its only job is to spark the interest (uuuuuu… what is this?!), link to further information (wiki) and give clear CTA:

  • Test the Grid 3.0
  • Buy TFT

Allow designer to rock the feeling of the website(-s) so that it gives a spot on understanding of who we are and what we have, Why? and points to right places on wiki for How?.
Gives clear CTA.

Main job that will either make it or break it here is how well documented and organised our wikis are.
Can people easily find all the relevant information there?
How well is it documented? In what depth?
Does it give clear guidance and directions on how to contribute (e.g. set up work environments, buy TFT, find support)?


From wikis (where people have gained more understanding) we should smoothly link to:

  • relevant github repos (for collaboration)
  • circles tool (for progress tracking)
  • forum (for discussions and support)
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I totally agree with this. Simplify the information and make the CTAs clear as day.

I’m not completely sure if I understand this right. What does this mean?

because our plan is that threefold tech will own a lot of TFT as result of investments, INCA deals, revenue on TFGrid and if the TFT price goes up it has more impact

I have read about these plan quite some time ago.

Can you tell me how concrete this plans are and what timelines you have in mind to implement this?