TF Deep Dive Session 6: ThreeFold DAO, Validator Nodes, & COSMOS

Hello, friends!

Today’s session was one many have been waiting for and we’re pleased to share lots of information on the ThreeFold DAO, Validator (& Executor) Nodes, the COSMOS integration, the three-layer approach for endless scalability, and related details.

You’ll see that so much has been figured out, while some details are still being worked through. We look forward to your thoughts and feedback! And if there are any questions remaining, just ask. :pray:

If you’d like to go through the presentation, here it is!

Remember, this is the People’s Internet. ThreeFold is all of ours. Looking forward to an incredible journey together!


A very insightful session on ThreeFold’s path to becoming a DAO! :pray: Many thoughtful questions were asked and answered :bulb: