ThreeFold Weekly! January 23rd Edition (Volume Three)

Hi all –

ThreeFold Weekly!

Welcome to the third edition of ThreeFold Weekly. Let’s get you up to speed on what’s been happening in the ThreeFold universe over the past ~week. Here are past updates here if you’re looking for them.

Around the Community

This week, we closed our New Year Deep Dive Meetup series with our sixth session on the ThreeFold DAO, validator nodes, and the COSMOS integration. You can find all recordings along with the presentations here.

We’ll also start ThreeFold Conversations soon. They’re regularly-scheduled live sessions focused on specific topics within the ThreeFold ecosystem – featuring members of the ThreeFold Foundation and our community like partners, farmers, etc. Some of the topics we’re going to cover are ThreeFold’s journey and vision, how ThreeFold will power the next digital era, our plans for regenerating the earth, and so much more.

And we’ve hit a Twitter milestone last weekend – we’re celebrating more than 5.000 community members! We appreciate your support and are excited to have you with us on this journey, keep spreading the word :tada:

Farming & Grid

Just a quick FYI, we are now incorporating the Weekly 3Node Team Updates (past updates can be found here) into this wider ecosystem update.

On the shipping side, the team is looking into sending Titans out already set up for TF Grid 3.0. We hope to have more news on that front next week! In the meantime, our partner in North America has been shipping Titans out all week and will continue next week. In Europe, the next batch will go out in February, and as mentioned, we’re hoping to send those out prepared for TF Grid 3.0. For the Rest of the World, we will be in touch individually as we are preparing to send your Titans set up for TF Grid 3.0.

On the hardware partnership front, we have a new UK partner on board. We’re still looking for hardware partners in many regions. If you can help, please get in touch by replying to this post or informing us on the farmers chat.

Lastly, bigger farmers and DIY farmers continue to migrate to TF Grid 3.0. Remember, Titan owners should wait for further instructions. In related news, we have also updated the existing 2.0 Explorer to include nodes on TF Grid 3.0, which means a more accurate representation of total capacity on the ThreeFold Grid – 58 countries, 30,500+ cores, and 80+ petabytes of HDD storage capacity!

Team & Ecosystem Updates

This week, we received a visit from Tina Taylor, Dr Michael A. Stubblefield and Chairman Marshall Pierite in Dubai to study the deployment plan of a regenerative and inclusive Internet infrastructure for HBCUs and Native American communities. We’re thrilled about this potential collaboration, and hope to share more on this exciting opportunity very soon!

ThreeFold Token ($TFT)

We shared this post with you about what makes the TFT unique and valuable, and why we believe its potential is going to unfold in the not so distant future. Also, the InvestorsObserver recently gave TFT a “very bullish” rating.

As you probably know, we’re currently working on a direct BTC gateway which we’ll open up in the next few days, to make it easier for people to get TFT, and we’ll also provide a fiat gateway soon as well. (The TFT is not an investment instrument and this is not investment advice, everyone is free to make their own choices.)

Tech Developments

A lot of concepts for ThreeFold becoming a DAO and our three-layer approach for unlimited scalability, including validator and executor nodes, have already been figured out and were introduced during Deep Dive Session 6. Yet, there are still some details we’re working on. So, let us know what you think and ask questions as they come up.

In the News

Finally, some nice reading material this Sunday evening (or whenever you’re reading this). Check out this great article featuring ThreeFold co-founder Kristof De Spiegeleer. In the article, Kristof explains why the metaverse will need a decentralized Internet infrastructure to successfully host immersive experiences and to become “an extension of our current life giving us superpowers we wouldn’t otherwise have”. And in case you missed last week’s update, give this Crypto Daily article, calling us a hidden gem, a read.

We’re looking forward to everything that’s to come for the People’s Internet and wish you a happy end of your weekend :raised_hands: