Testnet page is not available. How to resolve the issue?


Hi @masteritua, hope you are well. Can you provide us with a little bit more information: what is you Threefold Connect id (xxxxx.3bot). With this information, I can open up an issues/ticket in your name to see what (might have) happened.

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I ran a search on the error you’re seeing, and it seems commonly to be a local issue with Firefox. Might have to do with a VPN, SSL settings, or a corrupted profile. There are some ideas here on how to fix it: https://superuser.com/questions/1492755/what-does-the-pr-end-of-file-error-error-mean-in-firefox

Trying another browser would also be worth a shot.

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The issue have resolved, the page was shown itself.
But I think something cache was WireGuard, because I could to enter in 2 days, when 3bot expired.
What do you think?

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In this case, you are connecting directly over the internet, not through Wireguard. You can tell because the address is a .grid.tf domain, whereas with Wireguard you’d be connecting directly to an IP such as