Targeting Projects & Communities with powerful ThreeFold Solutions

Hey everyone!

We are looking to engage with projects across the web – and we need your help! The plan is to target projects in spaces like open-source, blockchain, Web 3.0 as well as open-source and developer communities with three topics (for now):

  1. Dedicated Nodes
  2. CapRover
  3. VMs

First, we’re sharing posts (linked above) on each of the topics including specific benefits, how to get started and key resources. Then, we’ll approach different projects and communities that would benefit from utilizing dedicated nodes or deploying CapRover apps or VMs on the ThreeFold Grid.

You can help us by:

  1. Choosing one of the posts mentioned above
  2. Identifying a target project or community
  3. Getting/Being active on one of their channels in an organic way
  4. Engaging with the posts we shared with other projects or communities (we’ll add them in the comments below)

What are your thoughts on this outreach strategy? Do you have any feedback, suggestions or other ideas?

What other projects are you interested in or part of? Are any of you involved in other projects or communities that can benefit from our solutions or could be a great fit for collaborations? Let us know, and we can craft strategies to make them aware about ThreeFold! :rocket:

Thank you all for being a part of this community. Together, we’re realizing the initial promise of the Internet. Let’s spread the word about ThreeFold in a truly decentralized, community-led way and build an Internet for humanity to thrive! :earth_africa: