Storage Capacity - Home built Node

Hi everyone,

I am unsure how/if I can offer more storage capacity on my personal Node. I want to maximise my PC’s earning potential and have a lot of HDD space to offer.

The Titan 3Node has a 1TB nVME. I’ve read that the network does not use USB hard drive space so I guess I’m asking if it matters at all how much external space I free up? Can I only earn more farming rewards by purchasing a second nVME?

Hope this thread can clear this up for me and anyone else who might be a little confused.


If Zos is running directly on the hardware, it will use all available internal SSD and HDD capacity (drives have been properly wiped before hand), but you are correct that USB disks are not currently supported whatsoever. Based on your other posts, it sounds like you’re running Zos in a VM, in which case it would use whatever disk has been allocated to the VM.