StellarTerm experiences

Have been playing around with StellarTerm recently in combination with a Lobstr wallet the past few days.

Swapped some TFT to Aqua. Buying XLM via Apple Pay. Got transaction costs reimbursed in Aqua. Swapping XLM to TFT and back. Selling XLM for fiat to my EU bank account.

All seems to work clear, quick and flawless. And if you have a certain amount of Aqua in your wallet, relatively cheap too.

Forgot already about Liquid. Would be nice if more people joined on Stellar to have more liquidity.

And available for US citizens too if I understand it all correctly…


How do you send TFT tokens from TF Connect to Lobstr?

Just like you would send TFT to any other wallet:

  1. Open Lobster app
  2. Select Menu icon in top left corner
  3. Select Receive
  4. Select Stellar Address tab.

You will be shown a QR code which you can scan in your TF Connect App, or, if you work on your phone, then copy the wallet address by tapping on it (under the QR code).

  1. Open TF connect app
  2. Select Wallet in the Menu
  3. Select Wallet you want to send TFT from
  4. Select Send Coins
  5. Select Stellar Chain (if not already selected)
  6. Paste wallet address copied above in the To: section
  7. Enter amount of TFT you want to transfer
  8. Select Send Tokens



Thanks. Worked beautifully.

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That’s great! Thanks for sharing your experience, @aernoud :pray:

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We’ve also updated our documentation on how to buy TFT with Stellar. You can find a step-by-step guide for StellaTerm here.

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