Status and timing of liquidity pools and P2P DeFi Wallet

I’ve seen some questions about the status and timing of the liquidity pools and the P2P DeFi wallet, and I thought they were important enough topics to ask here on the forum. @kristof is this something you could answer for the community?


We believe everything we need for a healthy finacial ecosystem is available right now on Stellar, but more documentation and tutorials needed, we are adding Algorand .

There are 2 innovative features coming, but they will not be developed very soon. The Peer2Peer DEFI wallet end of year, maybe Q1 2023, a DAO based liquidity pool for the community we will try end of year.

in a nutshell the main parts of our TFT ecosystem today:

  • TFT main chain = Stellar and Algorand (to be confirmed)
  • order book exchange on Stellar and Algorand (all same features as any centralized exchange)
  • AMM DEFI liquidity pool of Stellar and Algorand, is nicer compared to what we have before because is integrated in their order book exchange and some wallets, to give very easy experience for people who aren’t crypto experts.
  • for on/off ramp you can use any exchange you like, and buy USDC then move to Algorand or Stellar
  • any stellar/algorand wallet can be used as well as TFConnect

more info in:

there is also a post for the roadmap


Great, thanks! :v:t3: All clear. And all very exciting!

We’ve already made some quick fixes to the Token section of the Library and we’ll be working in iterations to make sure all of this info makes its way there. We’re also working on a blog about Stellar. Goal is to make things as clear and simple as possible for the community.

Would highly recommend by the way, if you are reading this, to take a look at the docs Kristof shared. Plenty of info & detail there.

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