Pricing for TFGrid [Closed]

Dear all,
We are looking for feedback on our pricing of TFGrid.

To allow to do this more efficient, a pricing calculator has been made see here.

We are looking for feedback on pricing structure

  • do your own calculations on the spreadsheet please, let us know if this pricing is good enough
  • compare to other cloud projects
  • please ask us if you want to update this sheet, we can give you access

We suggest 2 changes to our price structure

  • suggest 40% discount on IP addr
  • suggest to 50% discount on name & web domain url
  • check the tab in calculator called suggestons_a5, has also calculations for dedicated nodes


note that we recommend people using testnet, its 50% discount, only difference is the code is more new and potentially less tested

note: dedicated machines coming in A5 have serious discount of 70%


  • please don’t hesitate to do pull requests on github for our library information


  • we are verifying on our mainnet & testnet, to see all calculations are correct
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I believe the price at the start should be really competitive compared to cloud competition, and especially for small setups. People will start exploring with small setups. I found the lowest prices for small setups with Racknerd.
A good comparison with the market can be made using Cloudorado.

I suggest that with the 60% (gold) discount, price will be cheapest in the market, also for small setups.
That implies indeed lowering the amount for IPs substantially (cost to hire bigger packs of IP addresses is 1-2 USD/month, 60% / gold discount just should cover the costs for the farmer (but does he get all the tokens then ? It might be better if revenue of IP fully goes to the farmer).

Of course there are other benefits compared to centralised providers:

  • you pay per hour, no month/year contracts
  • by consuming capacity a substantial percentage of the tokens is burned, which generally benefits the token price
  • you have full liberty in choosing hardware anywhere in the world
  • dynamic price discounts: as soon as you have sufficient amount of TFT available in your wallet, discount is immediately applied

Not talking about dedicated nodes here. That requires another analysis, which I haven’t done.


Hey Kristof,

Thanks for the pricing calculator. I was also working on this by going through the code in the smart-contract. If I can give a suggestion on how this calculator can be improved it would be the following:

Ungroup the CU into CPU and Memory. A “small” VM is very subjective and relative. It also hides the fact that there is a calculation going on in the background that changes the amount based on three possible ratios of CPUs and Memory. Namely the following found in the code:

cu1 = MAX(amount_of_cpus / 2, memory / 4)
cu2 = MAX(amount_of_cpus, memory / 8)
cu3 = MAX(amount_of_cpus / 4, memory / 2)
CU = MIN(cu1, cu2, cu3)

Please, give users of this calculator the chance to set these parameters themselves so they can experiment and see what is going on instead of providing a fractional number for CU in the examples.

Edit: I added this calculation to a copy of the spreadsheet you provided and the CU needed for the cheapest example does not match the CU of 0.125. This is because you need at least 1 cpu to deploy.


You are also billed per hour by Linode. The smallest you can get there is a 1 CPU 1 GB of memory for 5 USD a month.Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 10-28-05 Create a Linode Linode Manager

suggest for now to make calculation for CU in relation to memory only,
The issue is people don’t understand the different types of CORES vs MEMORY
I suggest to simplify and only use memory
other reason is in ZOS we don’t reserve CPU yet, which means there is chance that you don’t get the cores you require, this does mean we need to change the wiki around it
and for now only use mem as parameter


Could you elaborate more on these two propositions?

Thank you!

I see that TF have integrated my suggestions in the pricing calculator. Nice!


please everyone check the pricing calculator once more,

If ok we go with that one.

check the prices, its actually very good I believe
this is with 60% discount

check the storage & large dedicated nodes

please realize partners which will host on top of us can get extra discount because there is a channel reward.

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see GEP Pricing Default 40% discount