Presearch Nodes

It was very easy to deploy and for now it works!

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Never noticed this before. Which browser are you using?

Firefox. Happens fairly regularly as of a week ago unless something has changed.

By the way, someone from the community just introduced me to which is something like Presearch. Would make sense to watch this project and perhaps offer a deployment solution for them as well.

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Looks like there already working with flux

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Presearch is also working with Flux–I’d say there’s still room for a partnership with Timpi, but it’s not something that we have resources to actively pursue at this time. We can provide technical support in creating a deployment if someone wants to take it on, of course.

This is on my high priority video list.

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@ParkerS. Shall we team up for a evening/weekend “Hack freak and Nerd” party :upside_down_face:? Let’s open a github repo and start creating the needed learnings, configs and processes.

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I’ll have to learn how to use the GitHub’s but I’m down :joy:

If I can, you can… :slight_smile:

Issue with the deployment was found and resolved. New deployments should work well. Anyone who has an existing Presearch deployment should delete and redeploy to ensure their node properly handles future updates pushed by the Presearch team.

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My presearch node is up and running.
However, the cost to run the node is billed at 0.092428 TFT/hour. That means 24x30 = 66.54 TFT per month. At the current TFT price of 0.034 that is $2.26 per month., If TFT goes back up to 0.7 that would be $4.64 per month.

Obviously no big numbers here but given that it only costs 1 Flux per month (around $1) with our nemesis aren’t we a little too expensive?

The $/hour is always the same. Your TFT/hour will go down.

Ah got it.
Ok so it will always be around $2.26/month

I actually just found out that running a pre node in countries with low node counts can earn you around 20 per day as opposed to the 4-5 pre I am earning on the node in my own server (U.S.)

Mexico looks like a good option. There are two Threefold farms in Mexico.

I am going to run a node on one of them and see what the pre earnings look like.

Whoever you are Mexican Threefold farmer I hope your servers are reliable. Don’t let me down! lol


That’s good intell. We have nodes all over the world.

I deployed one in Brazil and one in Singapore. I’ll come back and post hourly cost and daily earnings when I have a base line.


any updateson results ?/

Yeah basically there is no benefit to deploying nodes in any particular country. Earnings only relate to the realiability score as far I was able to get. As reported earlier in this thread it is also very much a gamble whether you can even deploy nodes on the threefold network. I was only able to deploy three nodes in total out of about 20 tries. Something isnt working. Cant tell you why but the whole thing is highly unstable.

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Hi @antongreydon. Sorry to hear that you have had problems deploying. Can you elaborate a little bit more. I (help and) deploy nodes on a regular basis and have found that the node deployment process is simple and straightforward. Complications do happen, but they are usually network related. Please let me know where you struggled?



The problem I am having is that when I go to “Deploy a Presearch Instance” , enter the registraion code, and choose a suitably capable node, Threefold will confirm the instance as deployed, start charging TFT tokens for the deployment, but the node simply never shows on the Presearch node list as connected/online. I waited upt to 48 hrs after deployment and nothing. I generated new registration codes several times and same thing. All I was able to deploy was three nodes and two of them are actually down now. The Singapore node is the only one currently running.