Performance Dashboard for Dummies

Hi All,

Would it be an idea to represent the capacity available in the network in terms of CPR on a simple Dashboard? Both for connected capacity, as capacity in use. And then publish this on the main site. This instead of the somewhat nerdy dashboard available now.

This would give a single number metric about the size and utilisation of the Grid (= success). As the new CPR now also contains additional value metrics (like geolocation, and bandwidth), this would be a very good indicator of the performance of the Grid.

The absolute value of CPR is a nonsense number of course, but when published in graph format over time, it will show trends. And that is what I’m interested in.

When new capacity is added CPR, Grid CPR increases. When new partners are announced, then report also how much CPR they have allocated on the network, and add the number to the utilisation when indeed allocated.

You understand what I mean…


@aernoud it is definitely a good idea. not sure how feasible it is at this point in time, as all teams are already spread thin. We can probably provide something like this in the future though! Thanks for your ongoing input and support.

I know people are busy. I see a lot of stuff that needs to go up and fixed.

But central insight in the actual utilisation of the Grid should be on the todo list.