OTC Sales to Support Sikana Foundation

Hello ! Very happy to see this happening. We are Sikana Foundation, an open source life skills education platform. We are committed to bring quality education to all and so far we have mobilized all around the world a community of 100 NGOs & institutions, 5,000 translators, actors and filmmakers, 1,000 experts in 50 countries to produce more than 2,300 videos dubbed into 10 languages. All our videos and programs are available open source and we have delivered more than 4 billion lessons so far. We went through the tough experience of hosting our content on centralized servers and ended up with high costs and in a difficult situation because of that and had a hard time to recover. We ended up hosting our videos… on youtube…

That is the moment we met with the Threefold crowd and started to see how we could rebuild our platform on top of the grid to host the content by the people for the people. We received a token grant and also started to farm however so far we could not make this liquid through exchanges. We are offering here 3M TFT in order to keep the structure up and running and also develop the Sikana App that will be deployed on top of the Threefold grid. By the people for the people. If anyone here is interested in purchasing part of that amount in order to support us while doing a smart investment in TFT for the future, please let us know via DM or directly through this post.

Thanks to you and through the Threefold foundation ecosystem we believe we can offer a disruptive open source educational platform to anyone so they can develop their full potential and improve our neighborhood and the planet.

Let’s build together the education system the world needs and give it for free.

Offer quantity - 2M TFT

Price - $0,08!


Sikana is the kind of project the TF Grid was built for! A beautiful platform with an incredible team, delivering empowering and accessible educational content for and by people. If you are out there and want to support them, we are big fans!


Hi Gregory, I am interested in helping. Are you looking to get paid in BTC or ETH/USDC?


Thank you Adnan. It is just the beginning. Thanks to ThreeFold and the Source Code, I have no doubt that Sikana’s impact will be multiplied by 100.


Hi Noretreat,

Such a good pseudo. Thank you for your interest in helping us. You can email me at gregory@sikana.tv to move forward.

Talk to you soon.


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Awesome, I have sent you an email.