One pager for token investors

Does threefold have a one or 2 pager that shows a summary of all the facts and why someone should invest in the token?


  • token price estimation over the next 3 years, what Threefold thinks is a realistic number?
  • facts on price of the token why 15 cents and not 50 cent to start for example?
  • Crypto VC or other substantial investors currently on board
  • why threefold for someone who does not know the project (bulletpoint facts)
  • current details in numbers of the grid (tokens farmed in circulation. Monthly token creation, biggest farmers listed.
  • threefold bulletpoint roadmap for the next 2 years
  • current Users of the grid (partnership that use the grid)


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we should indeed do this, great idea

i think you have all the info so it should not take long to create this. If we got it we can start sharing it!


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Hey @wimvdb thanks for the awesome suggestion!, We are putting one together and will share as soon as possible. Love the examples too!

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Hey @wimvdb , here is a link to a condensed 2 Pager that summarizes ThreeFold to new community members. We would love to have your feedback. Thank you again for your suggestion.


hi Wim, did you like the 2pager, any suggestions?

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