No disks: registration failed (CLOSED)


I’m very new to everything ThreeFold and am trying to learn by turning my old desktop computer into a node. As far as I can tell following these instructions DIY Nodes Guide my desktop meets all the hardware requirements. I found a post from someone else that had a similar issue here No disk: registration failed (CLOSED) but, if I read it correctly, that user had multiple drives in a RAID configuration, I just have the one in the desktop. I have wiped the drive using both Linux and Windows and am still coming up with the same error: “This is node no disks: registration failed.” It also says “no ssd disks detected”. I think I followed all the instructions correctly. Any help would be appreciated

When you say your wiped the drive, did you leave it raw with no formatting before booting?

It may be helpful if you could also post the specs on the device

You really need to wipe the disk. Not formatting, especially windows might not be the best choice. If your SSD is at least 500gb and the disk was wiped and not behind a raid controller it should work.
Maybe you can give more details about the disk / controller combination

Give details about your systems - manufacturer, cpu, ram, hdd, ssd…

I have had the same problem. After enabling AHCI mode Z-OS found the ssd.

Just tried wiping the drive instead of formatting and got the same thing. I may have misread the system requirements, is an SSD required? I only have a 500gb HDD. But the specs are an AMD A4-6300 CPU, 500gb HDD, 4gb RAM. Like I said this is an old computer so I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t compatible. Thank you for your reply

SSD is required. Won’t work without one.

Welp there’s my problem. Thank you again

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Good to know that the solution has been found.

I’ll post a summary of the requirements for future farmers in my next message.

If the issue has been resolved, we’ll add CLOSED to the post’s title so other farmers will know the questions have been answered.
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Happy Farming @williams

What are the general requirements for a DIY 3node?

Any 64-bit hardware with an Intel or AMD processor chip can run Zero-OS and become a 3node.The following configurations provide guidelines on compatible and recommended setups:

  • Servers, desktops and mini computers type hardware are compatible.
  • A minimum of 500 GB of SSD and a bare minimum of 2 GB of RAM is required.
  • A ratio of 1:4 between vCPU and RAM (e.g. 8vCPU and 32 GB of RAM) is recommended.
  • The recommended upper limit is 8 GB of RAM per vCPU as farming rewards do not increase beyond that ratio.
  • A wired ethernet connection is highly recommended to maximize reliability and the ability to farm TFT.

What kind of computer do I need to make a 3node?

Any modern computer should be sufficient, especially once you upgrade the amount of RAM and storage to increase your TFT rewards. While CPU specs are not currently measured, they may be in the future. To insure your 3node provides meaningful capacity to the network, you should have at least 1000 CPU passmark per core as measured on

What is the optimal ratio of vcores (threads), SSD storage and RAM? What is the best optimization scenario for a 3node, TFT reward-wise?

In short, for peak optimization, aim for 100 GB SSD and 8GB RAM per thread.

For example, a 32 threads (32 vcores) 3nodes would need 3.2 TB SSD and 256GB RAM to be optimal, reward-wise. That is: 32 * 100 = 3200 GB SSD = 3.2TB SSD, and 32 * 8 = 256 GB RAM total.

Adding more GB of RAM would not increase your TFT rewards. You’d need more vcores if you want to expand.

NB: This is purely based on reward considerations. Some users might need different ratios for different specific uses of the Grid.