New investor price

As the new investors will be able to sell when they want, what was the minimum price they could buy? And what will the minimum price be that mazraa well sell .15?

Hey Wim,

If we correctly understood your question, the concern is whether or not somebody will be able to significantly affect the price of TFT in negative direction in the early days.

We propose to wait for the digitized market maker documentation on TFT and TFTA on token release schedule and liquidity provider strategy. Once its ready we will post it here on the forum and will be able to discuss in details.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @nickolay the questions is more on how much do they pay? Is it .15 or lower? This question is not related to the market making bot :)… And what will be the minimum price mazraa sells?

Sorry, but I fail to see how the answer on these questions is relevant for TF moving forward.

If all goes well, all prices paid for any TFT in the pasr will pale in comparison with the value we can create with this project in the future. Value both in material and immaterial sense.

Lets focus on that instead of quibbling who paid what and when.

What important is that all pieces of the puzzle are there, so lets create a beautiful picture!

They have privileges because they pay more has been told so how much then? I think we have the right to know, open communication…

And what will you do with the answer? What does it matter?

The best (worst) what you can get out of this is an endless discussion about value and price (two different things now). Not needed or desired at this stage. Price and value will become the same after launch which is soon enough.

If they paid the same price they should not get any privileges :slight_smile: … I am an ambassador and also a guardian of equal rights for everyone! I was part of many worker councils in multinationals and startup companies, so I feel I need to do the same now for the early investors of threefold (friends and family) ! Big investor money should not rule the world but equal values should!