New grid manual [Closed]

I’m happy to share that we are having a simpler platform to develop/contribute to the documentation of the grid based on mdbook you can already check it at, all sorts of contribution are welcome either by opening an issue, or sending an enhancement using a pull request or even providing feedback here in this thread. Let us know what you think and how we can improve! Thanks


Awesome! This looks much better and has way better structure. Great work! I’ll try to contribute here and there.


That is very nice. I think it will be way more efficient to create and contribute to the documentation with mdbook.


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Those videos could be added to the tutorial:

More to come.


Will Mastodon become part of the list of weblets/ ready community solutions?

It is!

It is not on the Playgroud, but on its own subdomain:

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Contributing to the TF Manual: A Quick Guide

Here are the main steps to add content to the Threefold Manual,

  • Go to
  • Fork the Development branch
  • Make changes in your personal Github repository
    • To add a new markdown file:
      • Add the new md file to the src directory.
      • Add the path of the md file to SUMMARY.
    • To modify an existing markdown file:
      • Make the changes in the markdown file directly
  • Ask for a pull request on the Threefold repository
    • If you want, you can tag @xmonader on Github. He will review the pull request gladly!
  • Once the pull request is accepted, the changes of the Development branch are available here:
  • Later, the TF Team will then update the Master branch from the Development branch

For more information on how to use mdbook, this guide is very useful.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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