Migration TFT to the ETH second tier solution

Hi guys.
The performance of Stellar network is horrible. You need to wait literally days to perform a transaction.
Have you ever considered migrating to more robust solutions in future? I understand that ETH second-tier solutions are not robust right now. But once ETH2 + second-tier solutions will be online, that seems to be a good alternative to Stellar. ZSync looks quite promising, Golem uses them for example. IMHO because of social effect other general-purpose cryptocurrencies are unlikely will rich required level of scalability. But my question is not about concrete implementation actually but about the possibility of migration in general.

Hi Andrey,

You are absolutely right that performance of the Stellar network is way below expectations. And indeed things need to be done about that. Two tracks are being worked on right now:

  • There are optimisations planned by running our own Stellar Horizon server, through this reliability and assurance will already be substantially improved. However, it is very intensive in terms of hardware resource consumption, we had to go through a learning curve there already, but we’ll get there.
  • indeed, moving to another network is another option that we consider. Exchanging TFT is already possible now on BSC, even though this chain is now only considered as a more easy way to acquire tokens, for really using the grid you first have to use the Bridge.
    But you might have read already that with TFGrid 3.0 we will have our own blockchain again which will run on Parity Substrate. And with that, also TFT will exist there. There are thoughts to move TFT fully to our own TFchain. This will happen in steps: first step is bridging from Stellar to Substrate, so it is already usable there, but in the longer term having the ’master’ TFTs there is certainly an option. With better performance and bigger independence from third party technology as a consequence.
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