Meet the new RMB! [Closed]

Very happy to announce that we have a new version of RMB ( Reliable Message Bus ) It’s the backbone of the communication between the nodes and the users on Threefold grid infrastructure. We have it deployed on devnet

Some of the features

  • Federation
  • End2End encrpytion
  • It comes by default with rate limiting support to avoid abuse

Also, the team been working hard to integrate it in the tooling (terraform, typescript libraries) / playground on devnet, coming soon with the release of the 3.9 on all networks :slight_smile:

With this new version comes multiple benefits

  • No need to use grid proxies or yggdrasil software on your machines to deploy
  • Improved deployment process because in previous versions you were trying trying to reach the 3Node over yggdrassil
    (either directly from your machine with planetary network enabled or through gridproxy that proxies your calls to 3Nodes over yggdrassil ), Now any system with websocket support can be used to contact the nodes over one of the relays

The readme link and the specs for those who are interested


Thanks for the announcement @ahmedthabet! Can’t wait to test it out :smiley:

The RMB thru the grid proxy still gives this error sending messages (like the example from swagger).

You still need to provide a signature with your twin’s keys to send an RMB message over grid proxy. The Typescript library has this built in.