Limited upload speed of home internet connection

A friend of mine pointed out that it will be very hard to obtain a decent bandwidth with decentralized computing because home internet connections only have limited upload speeds, while data centers are built close to nodes with a lot of capacity. I cannot judge because I lack the technical knowledge. Is uploading bandwidth an issue and how does Threefold solve this?

A lot of US residential connections have terrible upload connection speeds. That is improving in a lot of areas, many new developments have 1gbps upload. EU typically has more symmetrical connections from my understanding. Eventually a way to prevent oversubscribing nodes on a limited connection will be rolled out.

EU will have more symmetrical results. This is mine - (20 EUR per month).

I have always been fascinated by the way US isp’s create their offers. If you can download at X speed then you should be able to reach X for uploads too because infrastructure supports that. I guess thats just a business model there.

Its worse than that. I get 1/3 down of what I pay for.

This is mine: speedtest. It costs 38 EUR/month. Upload speed is 1/10 the downloading speed. This is normal in Belgium, I think. We only have two internet providers and they basically own all mobile and internet infrastructure.

It’s becoming pretty standard for my city home internet to be symmetric 1gig full fibre connections.

@nielsbosmans This is true and will stay true for some parts of the world and for some time in the foreseeable future. It is improving at a rapid rate with new providers coming in everywhere, but also communities investing and bringing local connections in at a neighbourhood level.

So for some foreseeable future, this grid will depend on the capacity that exists in well-connected places, datacenters, telco POPs, universities, railroad systems, etc etc.