Let’s talk centralized exchanges, shall we list? yes, no, any suggestions?

We’ve had some recent recommendations to list on some new centralized exchanges to support the accessibility and open market access of TFT.

We would like to have some preliminary feedback from the community before it’s posted for a vote on the TF DAO.

If successful, the listing will be allocated a specific grant to support the listing.

Some of the recommended and accessible exchanges are: Huobi and KuCoin.

We would love to hear your feedback!

*We are not financial advisors and this post does not constitute any investment advise.


The next centralized exchange should be listed in the USA. Just look at the number of farmers who have onboarded in the USA in the past 6 months, now it appears that the USA is the number one country supporting ThreeFold. From what I can see online, KuCoin is not listed in the USA. I have not been able to tell if Huobi is listed there or not. Ultimately we all want to trade on a DEX, but the centralized exchanges offer people new to crypto easy ways to onboard, or at least should do so. So the next centralized exchange for ThreeFold should allow easy onboarding for USA people.


And there is some VERY GOOD news for ThreeFold today from the Liquid exchange. The Liquid exchange on which the TFT is listed, is being bought by FTX, which is the third ranked exchange after Binance and Coinbase. According to the announcement Liquid will be subsumed into FTX. Still, people from the USA cannot register on Liquid, but at least Liquid-FTX should provide much needed liquidity for the TFT.


Bruce thank you for the recent posts. It’s is an exciting development and we are looking into whether TFT will be whitelisted onto FTX in light of the recent acquisition. We will come back on this thread with more info. Stay tuned :wink:


Using a centralized exchange is a necessary compromise for adoption. Ensuring a US one is used is a little more tricky but worthwhile.


Listing well-known exchanges also results in exploitation of the project by whales. instead, you can start by listing on exchanges that appeal to grassroots users such as gate io and mexc.

@AdnanF That is a great post and a good question overall.

Indeed if FTX can add TFT in their offers, it would be great outside of USA-wise.

Then, I agree that TFT could and already did gain much traction in the US. It would be great if we could have it in a CEX. Of course we all want to go DEX, but getting into a main US CEX and an outside of the US CEX would cover so much ground.

I think it could be a great project to do for 2022. Grid 3.0 is more and more ready for big cultivation so it’s definitely a good timing for 2022.

I know Threefold in general is scared of a pump and dump scenario if we go into a CEX. I think this is mainly founded. But also, when would be the right time to get into a CEX? With TFT price set at 0.08$ for farmers, it might be a good moment to go into a CEX. Any time the price would go below 0.08$ would be a cue for people to accumulate the tokens so it might prevent the dump. (Very speculative!)

If we can align the listing on a major CEX and the readiness of Grid 3 with farmers fully onboard (after migration from grid 2), it might be a perfect timing.

Let’s get this conversation flowing!