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Awesome work Kristof and the team! This information is so helpful for people wanting to apply for L0 and L2 validator nodes!

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Hello …i Suggest to remove 5% of yeild reward from L0 reward and remplace it per 15% reward from TFT executor revenue…

In this case, we feel to really participate to real project revenue and not stacking program…

problem is that first year the revenue over the L0 executors might be not high enough to reward people in a good way. The L0 executors is a new concept we will only roll out in Q2 2022 (maybe end Q1).
Thats why we thought lets start with simple yield reward and then switch over to revenue based.


Ok thanks for the answer…for me i don’t want receive yeild reward based on my stacking TFT even for the first year… is there any way to setup my validator to receive only 10% revenue of executor, doesn’t matter to me if it’s very low for first year ?

Hello, for L0 validator requirements…is it ok pc 4 cores with 4 threads… or we need 4 cores with 8 threads?