All you need to know about our validator programs

We’ve received many questions on our programs for the L2 and L0 validators since we opened registrations, so we compiled this Validator FAQ for you. At the bottom of this page, you will also find more information on the next steps like verifying applications and deploying the validators.

In addition to that, we’ve added a new section on decentralization to our knowledge base. In this section, you’ll find information on the DAO, validators, executors, our 3-layer approach of the ThreeFold Grid, and more.

Please take a look at this post. It links to a lot of relevant information, all has been moved to our knowledge base.

We hope these new pages will answer all of your questions. If anything is still unclear, further questions come up or you have suggestions for improvements, please let us know. We appreciate your feedback. :pray:


Hey Hannah, as one of the people trying to be part of the validators (new to helping in such way, not to crypto), I was wondering to what level (and how) we will be involved in governance.

What does this entail exactly? Is this voting on the course the DAO takes?

Thanks in advance

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Thanks a lot for the really helpful and informative FAQ!

On which wallet do we need the the TFT (Grid wallet or is the TF connect wallet ok?)

By Monday do we need the full amount of TFT or 50% mentioned for registration?

I would like to know about deployment. My own server / node is required as far as I understand. What helps the network more? Bare metal or deploying it on my node?

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Good questions, thank you both for bringing them up! :pray: We’re collecting all follow-up questions and will add the answers to the post asap.


Hi Hannah,

Thank you for all this information it was useful for people applying to be validators! I have a question about the 24/7 internet. Sometimes I lost internet access at my house (rarely like once a full moon) but it does happen. Will that affect our ability to be a validator?

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The exact slashing details are not out yet. But if it is anything like validating for Eth, a minor outage is fine. Not that it will probably be necessary, but there are options including mobile data failover where you essentially have a backup internet source.

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I can hardly remember a power outage around here but if it happens I’m pretty sure the Telekom lines are dead also. The times of analog wires is over :wink:.
On other projects you can see the the validator uptime in %. Validators loose rewards while they miss blocks and might even get jailed for a while after too much downtime (e.g. CRO validators).
The uptime requirements for the nodes here are pretty generous compared to modern data center standards. Surely they have to as most of the nodes are run in non redundant environments. A validator of course has a special job and position within the network. Anyway a few hours downtime per month might be still OK if hosted on the grid.
The necessary SSD makes renting a server in a data center quite expensive - especially for L0 validators.

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If validator is running on grid and the host cutoff the machine…how could we responsable for the uptime and lose stacking token?!

How many token could we lose?

Could we run validator on our farming machine?

What do you mean per bare metal that is owned and managed by the validator owner.

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Can you elaborate on the mobile data failover?

In the end you’re responsible for your validator. That usually includes maintenance and of course uptime.

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Thank you all for your questions! We’re working on an updated version of the FAQ to answer all questions and will share it here soon :slight_smile:

This would be an example.

But from what I’ve seen on validating in other projects, a connection of normal residential dependability is normally fine. Though I’m sure we will get details soon.

An other question about reward for L0.

I saw on the simulator that the reward are 0 for the first years… could you confirm this please?

As mentioned in this post on L0 validators,

TFT needs to be staked for at least 1 year, before reward unlocks.

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L0 Validator also get an additional + 5% yield per year during the first 2 years as mentioned here

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Please include these questions in the FAQ. Thank you!

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let the questions come please, I will make sure they are all addressed on content in our library, will be working on it in weekend


info about voting on:


rewards are not 0 for first year, your reward is already rewarded for you but is only given if you were staking for 1 year, but we are not sure about this.

see here Should we lock payout of rewards for a year?

Feedback welcome

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please see FAQ on wiki, answers are there, thanks for asking

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