If Bitcoin is resumed in ONE word as HOPE, what TFT would be?

Hello guys,
When making Merch of TFTlayout canecas 3 visualização layout canecas 4 visualização , we are looking to make coffe mugs like this one

So dea brainy people, in order to promote this on the right, usefull, and wealthy channels, we need to find the right one!

There is 2 examples there, ONE word, and a secondary one.

Also, let tell we might also have a TOPIC only on PR, so people bring that stuff there only??


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With tft logo as an inverted E


That’s pretty clever. So far my personal favorites are “Rebuild” and “Serve the World”


"Realizing the promise: -> same thing with the inverted E. If you search there is a lot written on the internet being hijacked. We’re all trying to realize the promise.


Rebuild on inverted E sounds to me a great thing to start up!
i will see if we can make it happens fast.

I will also do this type
layout canecas 6 visualização

With the nutrition facts we allready have decided!!!



@azores I suggest we go with “Realizing the Promise” or “Promise” like suggested by @weynandkuijpers. It came back a lot recently as people realize that with our planet and people first approach, that we’re trying to realize the promise of technology to do good, the promise of open source and the promise of a peer-to-peer Internet owned by everyone.

Some characteristics:

  • Data Sovereignty
  • Internet Access
  • Planet Regeneration
  • Trustfull
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Censorship Resistent
  • Limitlessly Scalable
  • Sustainable

Whit all due respect to put “promise” on a mug is I think unwise, as the notion realizing the promise is to complex to be easily understood. In any case, why ask anything on the forum if you are later going to “sugest” to do like the boss has said :stuck_out_tongue:

My 2 Sats on it
I like KAIROS, from the greek, the time where things come naturally to happen, the right time
Not to confuse with CRONOS, the time we know

Check it out

Now, the term rightly knock it since we are in the right time.
Like Seneca, arguing opportunity and luck
TFT is the sumatory of all those works happening on the right time

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Hi Sacha,
All those will come from the TFT nutrition facts, you will soon see that hanging on the roastery!!
Saw your video the other day, well done!

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For the spot where the sentence is;

“Time for plan B”

What about:

“Let’s New Internet”

The sentence “Realizing the Promises” from @weynandkuijpers would also be great there.

Still thinking about a One word for Threefold.

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