Ideas around TFT liquidity

Ideas around TFT Liquidity

TFT buy

Make it as easy as possible for people to buy TFT

  • we can learn a lot from Presearch:
  • possibility
    • IBAN/Creditcard: through CH and/or UAE
    • BTC/DGB/BNC/… -> TFT on daily set price (need to select the currencies)
    • DEFI: …

BTC and other digital currencies

  • In wallet TFConnect
    • Needs to be more in front, now too hidden
    • not sure the Stellar way is the good one, prob need to do it direct from Dubai or CH
  • Using Binance smartchain


  • Review docu, see it’s really easy enough
  • Make a video


  • Kristof: talk to Ian how to arrange
  • Ali: new company in Abudhabi
  • Raj/Adnan: how can we use existing company

TF Dubai

  • TFT = IT capacity
  • Check if we can do it on current company
  • Above 1000 USD KYC/AML (can be automated)


is not really 1 click, just to show how easy it needs to be

  • BTC to TFT
  • DGB to TFT
  • DASH to TFT
  • XLM to TFT


  • Super easy: widget (can use our framework in JSX)
    * Ask TFT address
    * Check exists and say nr of TFT, ask if ok
    * Ask which currency to use
    * Show QR & Address
    * Keep on polling that money came in, once there
    * Show sending money to your wallet
    • Make video for confidence
    • Branding just white, just call easyswap or so
    • Remark
      • Can we get pricing from DEFI?
    • Put link on there to DEFI for going from TFT back to currency
    • Disclaimer on page


    1. Check partner who can do it
    1. Find someone with exchange license NOW, max 3% discount

Make TFT Ethereum compatible

see Make TFT part of Ethereum ecosystem and as such open up compatibility

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