How will the trading bot workflow work?

What is the workflow/sales process from selling the token to getting the money on the bank? What is the capacity (tokens per day it can transact)?

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Lets wait till all goes online, and the documentation is ready.

That seems early enough for me to raise these questions.

I think the people behind TF an d Stellar are clever enough to realise that money earned by token sales need to end up in the correct bank-account in a safe way.

This has been done before.

Do you work for threefold?

I believe this is a very valid question and actually had asked the same on another thread.

With four-five days before this is planned to go into effect I think this actual mechanism of how this will all work is more than relevant.

I would like to know how.

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No, and never have.

I want threefold to answer not an outsider because you don’t know the details so please do not answer on behalve of them… I know threefold knows how it will work because they have already figured it out, they just did not find the time to share it yet. So I post the question so they know the question lives with the long time investors and they would like to know.

So please have respect for everyone’s question and don’t put people down, have respect please on this forum we all want peace and love to happen to the world!

in mean time answer has been given in
please let us know if not good enough

Not too helpful for me. Please see my post here:
Market maker bot

Hey everyone, all the latest intro regarding our Market Maker Bot can be found here:

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Hey Ghost, anyone can go from TFTA to TFT, and go to the open markets where TFT is available. Please follow this wiki link for further info :

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Thank you, I’m not a TFTA holder, I’m studying the forum. There are always many problems at the beginning of the journey, I want to get acquainted with them.

Dear ghost!

We appreciate your questions and also the feedback you provide by studying our forum.