How to clear disks for DIY 3Nodes?

Clearing disks is necessary in order for Zero OS to make use of them. I’ll explain a method that uses a live Linux distro for the job, and also link to a guide for accomplishing this within Windows. The Linux shell commands may work on MacOS too—if you try it please let me know.

From Linux

You can use a distribution like gmrl that fits on a USB stick to boot the 3Node and clear the disks. This could also be done by swapping the disks into another Linux system. Please use extreme caution with these commands to avoid unintended data loss. Doing this directly on the 3Node with only disks you’re ready to wipe installed is the safest option.

Grml will present you with a shell after boot. To see what disks are connected, run:

fdisk -l

You can identify which disk is the USB drive running gmrl with:

df -h

It actually doesn’t matter if we erase the gmrl image, because we won’t need it anymore after this step. To clear all disks, run this command:

for i in /dev/sd*; do wipefs -a $i; done

If you have any fdisk entries that look like `/dev/nvme, you’ll need to do this too:

for i in /dev/nvme*; do wipefs -a $i; done


Try this guide:


Hehe, I used clean all command with diskpart for permanently erase all data without retrieving.

Thanks for the tips!

If I have used the disk before (i.e. with personal data as NAS storage) I do prefer to use ATA Secure Erase by booting from Clonezilla on bootable USB or booting xyznetboot.
It takes longer than wipefs but less than zeroing up with DD or similar, works with both HDD&SSD. After that ZeroOS finds it and can use the disks just fine.

Disk become “not initialised” almost like a factory ones🙃


Thanks for the report! This seems like an excellent route for those who want to ensure all data is removed in a more efficient manner than dd.