How deployment costs get calculated

Hi everyone!

Since we are now moving more and more to Grid V3 it’s time we explain how the billing process works for deployments.

A little background: Grid V3 has implemented a post billing system, meaning you will get billed for the capacity you are using after you have deploy a workload. The system requires that you have some balance on your account throughout the deployment cycle. If your account runs out of balance, your workload will be deleted.

When you create a workload, a contract is created between you and a 3Node. The 3Node reports the consumption to TFChain and your account will be deducted automatically for the used resources on that 3Node. The billing system on TFChain will hourly deduct an amount of balance based on the consumption of your workload on that 3Node.

TFChain will hourly calculate the amount due in TFT based on the pricing in USD and the price of TFT at the time your account is billed.

We also provide discounts for workloads if your account has a certain amount of balance. This way you can enjoy cheaper deployments whilst you are holding TFT in your account.

Good things to know:

  • When you create a contract and cancel it within the hour, you will still get billed for 1 hour of consumption.
  • If you use some bandwidth within your deployment, the amount billed every hour can fluctuate since bandwidth is calculated seperatly of the amount of resources used on a 3Node.
  • When canceling a deployment and the next billing cycle hasn’t triggered yet, you will still have to pay for the remained of the current cycle.

Source code for reference


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