Calculate cost of deployment

Could someone give me an idea on how the cost of a deployment is calculated? Looking at the contractBillReports I see amounts that are incrementing and decrementing. Maybe I did not search well enough in the manual, but I can only find how much farmers are getting.


Hi @zurga,

Pricing can be found here.
Reason for the fluctuation is simple: The price is expressed in USD but you pay in TFT (in the ContractBillReports, amounts are expressed in units of 10^(-7) TFT, as TFT has 7 digits). So the price follows (in opposite direction) the current price of TFT expressed in USD.

Thanks @Geert, that partly answers my question. I saw that part but the examples don’t specify how the units are being added together to form the actual bill.

Can you explain how the following numbers are processed to come to the TFT amount that was billed?
You can also link to code if that is easier.

"cru": "1",
"nru": "774344",
"mru": "1073741824",
"sru": "524288000" 

At the moment, is it TF who decides the price (in mUSD) per unit above?

@zurga hey, see this post for more information: How deployment costs get calculated


At this moment the price is indeed fixed. There are implementations in the pipe to bring more flexibility to this mechanism, especially in the split with the channels and the solution providers described in the wiki.
Once the DAO is operational, defining the price mechanism will likely be a responsibility of the DAO.

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