GEP for 3.13 on Mainnet [Closed]

Dear friends,

We are in the midst of testing TF Grid 3.13 on testnet, and are preparing the release process of this version of the Grid on Mainnet.

For this to pass, we would need the farmers to vote before Wednesday March 6th at 10AM CET on the dashboard under ‘DAO’.

In the upcoming 3.13 release, we have made significant enhancements to our platform. The dashboard has undergone a migration to Vue 3, and we have seamlessly integrated the playground into the dashboard with the aim of delivering a more accessible and consistent user experience for our ThreeFold users.

The UI has undergone a series of noteworthy improvements, contributing to an overall enhanced user experience.


We have started the process of integrating mycelium in ZOS and building its infrastructure, check our website for more information on Mycelium. You can also read the Mycelium documentation on the TF Manual.

Docker/Docker-Composed based Stack

We have created an easy way where people will be able to run the whole stack of the Threefold Grid on their own (work in progress). The documentation on the process is currently available for devnet.

Yggdrasil 0.5

We have upgraded yggdrasil to 0.5. The tests passed without issues, so there was no reason not to upgrade.

More details on the improvements that TFGrid 3.13 is bringing, can be found on the previous forum post.

Once again we would like to remind you to please vote on the dashboard so we can start the release process. Thank you for your patience and support.

Thank you as well to the development teams for their continuous effort and hard work!

On behalf of the ThreeFold Team


The GEP was passed on Wednesday, March 6th at 10 AM CET.