FAQ Zero-OS v3 Part 1: General, User, Developer and Validator

Fully agree what a fantastic initiative, @Mik ! So beautiful to witness how this build up :slight_smile: :boom: :100: :boom: :pray: :desktop_computer: :nerd_face: :heart_decoration:


Excellent answers! And great questions from @BoatGod.

I added them in the FAQ with some editions for clarity and also updated the organization of the FAQ.

Thanks for your expertise @weynandkuijpers

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Well, those were things I had to go search for. Being a noob, I’m sure I’ll come up with more questions when my machine gets here… I used Rufus to put the image on the usb stick…


We all start as noobs. There’s definitely some learning curve with Threefold. The more questions you have, the more answers we can add to this FAQ. That’s great!

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Q: What is the difference between V2 and V3 minting?

V2 is being sunset. New miners should directly onboard to V3


What is a 3node?

It is essentially a single server that makes up a larger network of servers which together form the Threefold grid.

Where are my rewards?

They are distributed once a month, around the 5th. Distributions are not daily, or after a certain threshold. Note that upcoming minting rules have a 24 month lockup or until 30% utilization for 3 months on your 3node.

How much electricity does will it use?

A small DIY node based on a compact office computer will draw under 20W. A full size server will draw around 100W idling.

What kind of computer do I need to make a 3node?

Any modern computer should be sufficient, especially once you upgrade the amount of RAM and storage to increase your TFT rewards. While CPU specs are not currently measured, they may be in the future. To insure your 3node provides meaningful capacity to the network, you should have at least 1000 CPU mark per core as measured on https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php

Can I host more than one 3node at my house?

Yes, but do not host more than your bandwidth can support. If you have a gigbit connection, you can really “rack” up quite a large number of servers.

Do I need collateral?

No! Many decentralized data projects require enormous amounts of collateral, but not ThreeFold.


Alright! That was fun to add.

Thank you for the great contribution.

Now I think people could try and find errors I might have made by writing the post or transcribing others’ thoughts, and once corrected, we should hang this in pinned post on the Telegram Channel.

We can then update it every week or so.

Also, I added the modification for the difference between V2 and V3, but kept the tokenomics part so people can see it’s a good thing for long terms.


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May I suggest adding it to the ThreeFold Documentation in the Farming section?


That would be amazing. We’ll just have to keep it updated as new Q-As come up.


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Let’s New Internet.


If possible, it would be good to have some guidance on the hardware requirement for the weblets. I know deploying Presearch instances requires some hard drive capacity (HDD). In other words it will not deploy if you have SDD alone. Don’t know about the other weblets. but it could be they may also have specific hardware requirements. If this is outside the scope of an FAQ may be there could a separate guide and then a link here.


Thanks for this proposition.

It would fit in the User FAQ. (Soon updated online)

I will take this into account. We would need to gather all the information like the one you just said.

I’ll add the Presearch detail in the User FAQ and we can add more as people share their knowledge as you did.


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Thanks Mik. Here is some background

;presearch node weblet

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A HDD is not necessary, and it will deploy when only having SSD for the weblet presearch. A public ip however is necessary.