presearch node weblet

I noticed a problem when trying to deploy a presearch node on It seems that it is only possible to select nodes with hard drives (not ssd’s). The same for casperlabs and caprover. The inverse for owncloud

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Hi @jelco , I created an issue in the test repo for grid3 for follow-up, Thanks for the info, we’ll look into it.

Is there already more known about this issue?

Hi @liqearce, it’s a design decision for now to store ‘operational’ data (like in a VM, which a Presearch node basically is) on SSD, while archiving and backup is put on HDD.
As a PRE node has very little storage required, and this storage is operationally used, I don’t see a huge need to change this for now.

Geert, I thought I only saw nodes with hdd’s as available for presearch weblet deployment. The opposite of what you indicate correct? On the other hand I read in another thread that a public IP is required…so it could have been in error. Perhaps the nodes that have hdd’s also happened to be nodes with public IP’s too

I agree with you that a SSD would be good for operational data like presearch. Only at this moment it seems that a HDD is needed instead of only a SSD, since I can’t run a presearch node on a node without a HDD. Whether a public ip address is necessary don’t know, but I don’t see a single node with a public address in the entire explorer at the moment. If I select a node without public ip address and without HDD I get an error message. I don’t get an error with a node without a public ip address and with HDD.