Exploring VLANG (V)- Why this language for Threefold?

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I read the document: THREEFOLD DAO , EXECUTORS and VALIDATORS v8 and I stumbled upon this sentence:

Our own smart language called VLANG can be used to add functionality to the executors.

I realized that there is not much information on this forum on the language V itself. At this point, one could ponder: V or VLANG? That is the question! We can read on the website:

Please note that the name of the language is “V”, not “Vlang” or “V-Lang” etc.

The name is not very searchable (like Go), so use #vlang on Twitter, vlang on Google etc.

As many entries in this forum uses VLANG, I will mainly stick to VLANG instead of V for this post…

I wanted to share what I read on VLANG and perhaps ask around the community why did Threefold chose VLANG and is it really Threefold’s own language?!

First, I would suggest this link for anyone interested in learning about VLANG:


Second, the documentation is very accessible and straightforward:


On vlang.io, we can learn so much.

For instance, this language was developed as a kind of synthesis of the already existing languages by Delyan Angelov as well as 250+ open source contributors. This is clearly in line with Threefold’s vision of a world run for the people, by the people!

In this next chart, available in the FAQ section of VLANG’s website, we can see that

V was created because none of the existing languages had all of the following features:


We can see here how powerful this language is as it encompasses so many features of different languages as well as completely new features!

At first, V was written in Go. Now the V compiler can compile itself! Amazing, isn’t it?
V is written in V and compile itself! Not only this, but the compiler is built extremely fast as the website demonstrates:


Also, this language is supported by the following OS:
Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonflyBSD, Solaris, Android (Termux).
And soon, Android and iOS will join this list.

Another great feature of this language is that :

One of V’s main philosophies is “there must be only one way of doing things”. This results in predictable, simple, and maintanable code.

This obviously renders this language very efficient and easier to learn.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Perhaps, you’ve learned something new?

Do you have anything to say on VLANG? Share with the community your wisdom and knowledge.
You are also invited to ask questions and ponder with us.






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