Exchange for Chinese Buyers (CLOSED)

I’ve had someone from China message me attempting to buy TFT P2P since he cannot get TFT on any legal exchanges. He even offered $6k for $5k of TFT. I do not think this was a scammer. What options do we have for a listing on a Chinese exchange?

Have the person tried ?

There is also otc as an option. this can be done with the mazraa team for example.

Thanks, I forwarded that info.

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OK great. I will also add more information from the Threefold documentation in case it can help.

More Information

Category Ease Link Description Availability
OTC **** Easiest way how to buy TFT NOW
OTC *** OTC Desk A humane OTC Desk NOW
PUBLIC EXCHANGE *** PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain Most efficient way how to buy and sell with liquidity providing NOW
PUBLIC EXCHANGE *** 1Inch on Binance Smart Chain Similar to PancakeSwap - Easy to use decentralised exchange on Binance Smart Chain NOW
PUBLIC EXCHANGE ** Liquid Public Exchange A comprehensive and secure trading platform NOW
DEX * Stellar Exchange An integrated exchange on Stellar NOW
PUBLIC EXCHANGE ** BTC Alpha Public Exchange A secure and reliable blockchain asset trading platform NOW
VISA ** Liquid Quick Exchange Buy TFT easily with a VISA card NOW
WALLET * Solar Wallet Buy TFT using the Solar Wallet NOW
WALLET * Lobstr Wallet Buy TFT using the Lobstr Wallet NOW
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I got messages during the last weeks too from Chinese people who wanted to buy TFT from me.
I never got a reply after I told them to try

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Hi! I think he can easily buy TFT @ liquid. There are no restriction for China as far as I know.

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Hi everyone, please be aware that these people in the end are offering to use certain legitimate-looking escrow and I found some feedback from other people that they were scammed there. So this is most likely a scam, I do not recommend to engage in any direct deals with unknown people unless you are 100% sure about escrow you are using.
And yes, just forward them to Pancake, Stellar Dex, Liquid or platforms if they want to buy TFT)


Yep, he did mention an escrow. Guess it was a scam.


Thanks for this @nickolay

So I guess when people ask us this question, we can guide them to this link:
which contains all the relevant information

We can close this thread if everything has been settled.

Thanks @FLnelson for creating the thread and everyone else for your help!

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Yes thank you, fully agree.

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