End Feb 2024 Update from the Team

Hello friends –

We hope everything is well in your world. Please read through the following project updates and be informed of a community call on Wednesday March 13 at 17:00 CET (call info at the bottom of this note) at which point we will go into more detail on some, if not all, of these topics.

At a high level, the grid is now commercially ready so on the technology side we have been and are focused on making remaining improvements to ensure its reliability and usability and working with some core orgs and partners about bringing utilization to the grid at scale.


Our big funding has not yet arrived but we have secured funding for the coming months to ensure the team can continue to operate the grid and work on bringing strong partnerships to drive utilization.

Earth Staking Partnership

ThreeFold is pleased to share a partnership with Earth Staking, who has recently launched the Social Network, a democratized social network and the first decentralized Bitcoin Staking Layer 2 on Earth. Earth Staking will benefit from ThreeFold’s autonomous decentralized cloud technology and bring utilization.

TF Grid 3.13

Plans for 3.13 upgrade are already in place. It is live now on QA Net and Testnet, and then to Mainnet (GEP coming). Please find the summary of updates around 3.13 here.

TF Robot

A new grid tool has been recently launched – tfrobot – which is designed to help you quickly deploy many VMs on the grid at once. Find more about tfrobot capabilities, how it helps the grid, and how to get it here.

Rental of Offline Dedicated Nodes

For some time now, farmers have been able to use farmerbot to put their nodes in standby mode (offline) when not being utilized, saving on electricity consumption and costs. However this was not possible for farmers offering dedicated nodes.

Now, grid users can rent offline dedicated nodes, meaning farmers that are offering dedicated nodes can use farmerbot to power manage it and still have their nodes rented.

Farmerbot Update

We are recommending all farmers using farmerbot to update to the new and improved version. The feedback has been incredibly positive. You can find comprehensive instructions here in the manual.

ThreeFold Cooperative

As previously shared, ThreeFold has plans to move to a cooperative structure. We have been having conversations about the “where” and “how” and we will begin to take actions in March to formally establish the cooperative and get it up and running.

End of Minting (Not Farming Rewards)

March is the last planned month of farming rewards as we know them today. This means that in the end, a total of approximately 1B TFT will have been minted rather than the previously established 4B. Farmers will continue to receive fair rewards for their contributions from the ThreeFold Treasury.

Utilization of the Grid

Along with the Earth Staking Partnership, we are active on other collaborations to drive (expansion and) utilization of the grid:

  • Dunia Yetu | Tanzania: Together with the ICT Commission of Tanzania we have plans to deploy a sovereign Internet infrastructure in Tanzania along with a coding academy and innovation hubs. This was announced January 2024 in Dar Es Salaam.
  • OurWorld Digital FreeZone: Announced last year, the steps are being taken to launch and commercialize the free zone.
  • Tier S Data Center: ThreeFold has developed a concept for a more flexible and efficient future-ready data center model and is currently setting up the fundraise team.

This is just a window into the ways the team is working to bring expansion and utilization of the grid. We will share more during the community call.

Community Call

To hear about these topics and more, and to ask your questions, please join us for a community call on Wednesday March 13 at 17:00 CET at this link.

On behalf of the team, thanks!