Dedicated nodes on TFGrid testnet (Q1)


We are very excited about this feature, soon it will be possible to reserve all capacity from a 3node.
And this will be done at amazing prices on testnet.


  • 128 GB machine
  • with 2 physical CPU’s
  • with 1 TB SSD

will cost < 150 USD per month (probably even lower).

In the future we will enable GPU support on these nodes too.

These nodes will be incredible to host blockchain workloads, especially using our quantum safe storage which will use the SSD capacity in an optimal way.

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Let us know what you think.


That is a great idea. Awesome work team!


Very cool. Any early publication of specifications and requirements? One dedicated machine, one flist (blockchain node?), or still multi-flist capabilities.

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Wow, that’s great! :clap:

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Does this mean that dedicated nodes will have their quantum safe storage on the dedicated node itself? Or will have compute on dedicated node with distributed storage across the grid?

@Sacha The dedicated nodes will have access to the storage capabilities of the rest of the grid to store data quantum safe. Dedicated means you have access to all the compute and storage capabilities on that single device but can augment it with the rest of the grid capacity -> especially for storing data.


either way works, all features from TFGrid keep on working, you can do quantum safe to other nodes or to all your own dedicated nodes or a combo

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