Decoupling payment of the capacity from workloads deployment: new specification

In this topic I will try to address one of the problem the current design of capacity reservation has. I will present the proposed solution and try to explain where we come from and where we are going.

At the time of writing, the TFGrid 2.1 has a quite static way of reserving IT capacity. The amount of capacity reserved is directly computed from the workloads uses deploys on the grid. While this make the process quite simple it still have some flaws. Over the past months we have receives some request to make it possible to extend a reservation over time or to change an existing reservation.

In an effort to try to address all these request way, a new specification regarding IT reservation and payment as been created.
I’m presenting it here so people can have a look of what is to come and we can start a discussion.

The implementation of this spec is planned to be tested on devnet around next week. Then based on the result of the experiment and feedback it could move to testnet and mainnet.

Link to the specification:


Fantastic. This is a great development that will help us sell capacity. Please feel free to bounce any ideas off us, or use us a test subject.

Thanks will do. I’ll most probably get in touch with you to ensure smooth migration to the new flow for existing workloads. I’ll keep you posted