DAO proposal for approving Foldit as a solution provider on chain [Closed]

Hi everyone,

This morning we launched a DAO proposal to approve foldit as a solution provider on Tfchain mainnet!

Anyone with a farm can vote by logging into the dashboard (https://dashboard.grid.tf/ ), selecting your farm, and clicking on ‘Dao’ under the Portal menu.

Voting ends on 30/03/2023 10:46:57 GMT+0200


Wow that’s fast.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed by the product foldit already delivered, and expressed that here on the forum an ld Telegram.
Zonaris was delivering their provider services for weeks and brought a lot of customers to the grid before they officiall solution provider badge.

I’m really happy to see what foldit is doing and would really like them to be a solution provider as I think they have good ideas and solutions for “everyday challenges” like an easy to use interface.


Good argument @randynho

Let’s see what other people think of this.

As we are in the early phase of the whole Solution Provider, we can take this “fast” Solution Provider approach as a test and see if it unfolds well.

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Is something off with the DAO proposal? I get this:

EDIT: Github issue: https://github.com/threefoldtech/tfgrid_dashboard/issues/591

The issue has been resolved on the mainnet dashboard.

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You rock @linkmark.

Well done and fast.

Will be doing a video on how to DAO vote :slight_smile:

TF Dao Voting Video:

This is a good point @randynho. I absolutely love what Foldit is doing (have expressed this in multiple places publicly as well) and feel the creator(s) should receive some benefit for this. Initially I was all in favor of this DAO proposal but after some discussions I also see that this one went quite fast and feel we really need to have an open conversation about the solution provider topic.

Credits go to the dev team, they fixed it, I just deployed the fix :slight_smile:

Saw the video, very nice and clear!

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unfortunately we have not been able to implement this solution as result of the DAO conclusion despite the DAO vote was positive

Some mistakes have been made which we together need to address, we need more clarity


  • no specification of distribution percentages
  • no legal protection of threefold e.g. no terms and conditions from Foldit
  • no solution around security (avoid backdoors in code)

a post has been written about it see:

We are sad that we have not been able to resolve this situation yet with Foldit, we will try again, it would be such a pity this solution doesn’t make it on the grid.