Foldit - a user friendly Threefold interface

Hi everyone, I’ve created a small web app for deploying workloads on the Threefold grid, called Foldit.
I’ve been a web developer for 10 years and stumbled upon the Threefold project and was pretty impressed. I thought it was interesting, had some cool tech and had the potential to grow into something big.
One of the first things I noticed though, is that it was still in its early stages and there were some issues, for me personally, to enjoy using it. Deploying stuff on the grid isn’t always very user friendly in my opinion, and I thought I could make a contribution towards improving that.

Foldit is my attempt at providing a (relatively) easy interface for novice users to get their workloads up and running fast. It’s still barely out of the alpha-phase of development but if I have to list some features it would be:

  • Preconfigured server templates to get you up and running with (for example) a Minecraft server without much hassle.
  • Auto-node selection that attempts to find a good node for you, without you having to manually type in farm or node ids.
  • A (hopefully) good deploy experience where you get plenty of feedback and can continue to browse the website without losing track of your deploy status.
  • We’re also working on creating a small knowledge base so that when people are confused by certain terminology we can explain it to them on-site.

All of this is still a work in progress. I’m creating this post as an application to become a solution provider, and while I welcome anyone willing to give my website a try, I have to emphasize that it is not yet completely finished. It will contain bugs, it might go down, and I don’t want anyone risking any TFT that they are not prepared to lose in helping to test this.
That being said, it would be awesome and wildly appreciated for anyone to give it a try and give me some feedback on it. The best place for that might be in our Telegram channel

I hope I’ve created something that might be of service to some of you, and if not – thank you for your attention anyway.


Hi @kiluminati

This looks very promising!
The organization and presentation of the website are very well done.

I like where this is going.

Great work.


this is just too amazing, please @kiluminati let us know how we can help you, I am so happy to see something like this.

playing with it already


Wow, this is so incredibly cool and inspiring. Thank you for your contribution! Looking forward to see where this goes.


Looks and feels amazing! Well done!


Looks and sounds really nice !! very nice job !


Thanks a lot! This looks great, even at this first release.


I was able to create successful Minecraft and TeamSpeak deployment using Foldit tonight. Really great experience.

if anyone wants to try out the servers ill leave them up for a bit



Very impressive and I like it a lot! @kiluminati You have an eye for beautiful interface and making tech stuff easier on the eye and mind. With regards to becoming a service provider, you have my blessing and I will be using the deployment platform :rocket:


I agree with this work 1000% to improve the look and feel of Threefold, impressive!