Comparing TFT with other tokens' market cap!?

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Just for fun and to try and predict where TFT could go, I write this post.

Here is a chart from Threefold from


Here you can see that Threefold provides Internet Contract, Storage, Network, Compute and DAPPS. This is interesting if you consider that the “competitions” (or rather potential collaborators as some here would say!) only have one or two of those 5 services. Threefold has it all here!

So here is a fun thought experiment. What would be the price of TFT with the market cap of some of these “competitors”?

I used the fun website to explore such thoughts.
I entered the current Threefold Total supply of 476,220,974 tokens. This is not a rigorous analysis obviously. But I’d be curious to know if others could come up with different methods that would make this thought experiment more realistic.

Here we go!


We can see that TFT with the market cap of Akash would be standing at 0.447$.


We can see that TFT with the market cap of Golem would be standing at 1.05$.

Those two next pictures are very interesting. As stated in the document of the Threefold community, the cloud business is a big business and it would be quite possible that Threefold, gaining great traction, would build a billion+ dollars business.



In the last two pictures, we can see that TFT with the market cap of Filecoin and then Internet Computer, the price would be at 10.62$ and 11.48$, respectively.

Of course, this calculation is not the future, nor would it represents the real price of TFT if it had this market cap, as we are in a free market and other parameters would most likely come into play! It’s really to ponder on the future of TFT and have some fun.

It’s amazing to see that Threefold combines the services of those projects, all in one place, while at the same time being quantum resistant and infinitely scalable! Amazing project that is!

So, let’s get the conversation going. What do you guys think of all this? Does it make sense to predict such numbers? Do you think TFT will have such a market cap in the following years?

If so, what would be needed for Threefold to get there? Marketing? Simply some more time? Or maybe the release of the great DAPPS coming our way? Let us know what you think!

I think Threefold is building an amazing project with a great community behind it all.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are doing great in this era of change and innovation!

As some great mind once said:

Let’s do it!


Well, this was a fun post to read! :star_struck: And I really appreciate your support and belief in ThreeFold.

I won’t get into predicting numbers but for me, ThreeFold is inevitable. The world needs ThreeFold, the demand is there for what we offer, and it will only grow.

And all of the pieces are there … ThreeFold Grid 3.0 is coming to mainnet, we have key partnerships in place to drive usage, strong strategies to drive grid growth (although this global hardware shortage is a real bummer) and awareness …

I’m really looking forward to what’s to come over the next 3-6 months – and beyond!



I know that the hardware shortage is not helping the situation, especially when it comes to sending Titans worldwide.

Maybe Threefold enthusiasts could start DIY 3node workshops in their local cities, where people would teach each other how to build and repair computers to let them join the Grid. As I read in a great article on Threefold, one of the advantages of Threefold is that you can build a 3node with a used computer.
(Short answer for the title: No it’s not a scam!! It’s a great project!

Talking about the great potential in Africa, the author said:

Yes, correct, not older than 4-year cores could be deployed to co-create the decentralized internet of the future. An ingenious system of circular economy in a continent that needs cheap and green internet and is build on the foundation of the circular economy: the waste of Europe.

For those waiting to explore the joy of building computers, I think Threefold is a good entry as the server is self-healing and to set a farm is pretty straightforward.

Grid 3.0 coming to mainnet will be amazing!

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I love this thread. Rather than getting caught up in “what’s the token price today?”, I think it’s really helpful to look at the massive cloud market, the massive amount of money in decentralized projects attempting cloud disruption, and the massive amount of tech already developed by ThreeFold.

And indeed, building nodes from used or back stock systems is a great mix of fun, profit, and potential to expand internet infrastructure into the global south. Let’s go!