Can threefold also be built into the metaverse?

My thoughts on Metaverse

The future of the Internet is the metaverse. Of course, the metaverse cannot be built without web3. There are many projects claiming to be the metaverse, but none of them are real. First of all, there must be an infrastructure. People need to build the metaverse. A project like threefold, which theoretically has infinite expansion capacity.

a metaverse infrastructure must be built. and people should be able to create their own world in this area, and be able to do this with a graphical interface. and this metaverse field must be constantly expanding, like the expansion of the universe. This technology can only be created with a threefold infrastructure.

I’m not saying that a metaverse project should be built, I’m saying that an infrastructure where metaverses can be built should be created. Just like smart contracts can be written in ethereum, threefold metaverses should be built.


Very interesting observation, and although I cannot expose a lot of detail we are talking to a number of other companies and partners on this exact topic… More coming soon :slight_smile:


@blockbir thanks for posting this! ThreeFold is definitely the ideal infrastructure for a metaverse owned by the people instead of centralized companies. We’re actually metaverse ready. As shared by @weynandkuijpers w’ere talking to some metaverse rpojects, and they are increidble! actually very close to what meta (facebook) shared, but they want to do it under a DAO and fully decentralize it. More coming soon :slight_smile:

For the Smart contracts we’re collaborating with V-Lang ( and plan to make a big announcement soon as their language will allow the ThreeFold community to build simple and powerful smart contracts understandable to all.