BTC Deposits Stuck Pending

We are currently tracking an issue where Bitcoin deposits made through the ThreeFold Connect App are stuck in a pending state. At this time, the amount of funds affected is small, and we have disabled the feature for now. We have a plan to take care of affected users. If that’s you, please make sure you have a support ticket opened using the blue message icon on the bottom right of this page.

These deposits are enabled by a third party service called Cryptoanchor, which receives native BTC and issues Stellar based BTC which can then be traded for Stellar based TFT. In this case, Cryptoanchor has a record of the deposits but has not issued the corresponding tokens on Stellar.

If you are affected by this issue, please know that we understand how frustrating it is to have your funds “stuck in limbo”. While we’re doing everything we can to find a resolution, the truth is that Cryptoanchor is unfortunately not very responsive when it comes to requests for support. They have replied to our messages on this but have no provided no timeline for resolution. Based on this poor experience for the team and our users, we’ll be migrating away from their service to avoid problems in the future.

We’ll be doing everything we can to ensure that everyone is taken care of in a way that’s fair, on a case by case basis. For the moment, we ask everyone to be patient, while we give Cryptoanchor 30 days to either process these transactions or reply to our messages. We’ll be providing updates directly through the support team, so please keep an eye on your associated email account.

Thanks for being a part of our community and for your interest in buying TFT :slightly_smiling_face: