This was my first App years ago as they’re one of the earlier ones as far as i remember. I hardly use them anymore but noticed i still had some stellar xlm on it. I decided to send some directly to the stellar address in the Threefold connect App wallet of my account, assuming it would show up sooner or later.
Since it left the Blockchain app as a valid transfer; is this a right way to go about it?

Your stellar tokens probably arrived indeed at the address of the Threefold connect app. Only thing is that TFC app only shows TFT, and not the Stellar tokens. An easy way to find out is to have a look at your wallet in Stellar expert

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Thanks Geert, didn’t know about that site. Well, i found the transaction, what do i do now and should have done?

What do you want to do with your tokens ?
You can import your private keys into another Stellar wallet (Solar wallet, lobstr wallet or Interstellar exchange (desktop wallet). In there you can do transactions with it, ex. Exchanging them for TFT :blush:.

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That last one is what i was aiming for. I’ll give it a try later this week. Thank you!

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@Geert That worked! Thank you